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2016 Garden Tour and Picnic Sunday, August 21

REASONS TO GO ON THE GARDEN TOUR:   1) See several very creative, interesting, impressive gardens.  (You can avoid the stress of driving by riding a bus).  2)Great picnic-share your fun food-

Main course (fried chicken) provided.  3)Hopefully obtain the State Fair Show Book and a free parking pass.  4)Possibly a free ticket to the fair by volunteering four hours at the info tables.

Even Donald J Trump can’t promise you that much.

Bus riders will meet at the Southeast corner I-694 and Central Avenue (north of the cities)  at the West end of the Menards Parking Lot.  Be there at 12:15 PM,  must leave at 12:30 sharp to get to our first garden. From I-694 go South about a block on Central Ave and turn into Menards. You will see the Yellow School Bus in the lot, away from the store. At the end of the tour will return here to get in your car, and drive north on Central Ave, to  Kyles ranch in the Ham Lake area.

To have a seat on the bus you must let me know your intention ASAP if you haven’t already done so.  Please bring $5 per person to subsidize the cost of the bus.

1:00 PM The first garden stop will be at George Broostin and Jake’s in So. Mpls.  Enjoy the dahlia selection, many unique plants along with 121 different varieties of tomatoes and don’t forget to avoid the beehives.

2:00PM The second stop will be at the Miriam Station Community Garden.   The location of the gardens created by Farmer Del and Dave and Molly Sweet.  Must be prepared to get a little exercise by walking up a Hill to the far west end of the gardens.  Note the creativity of the community gardens along the way.

3:00PM  This stop is at Cumberland Street.  This is the Commercial garden of Nathan Honken who sells cut flowers at a farmer’s market and also has a web site for selling tubers.

4:00Pm The Cassidy Dahlia Ranch located at, Ham Lake.  Enjoy the most Dahlias at one residence in the state of Minnesota.

Please remember to bring a friend and a chair if you can. Pray for sunshine on the 21st.  Chuck K.

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