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2017 Annual Garden Tour and Picnic

Sunday August 13th

Please plan on joining fellow members and guests for the 2017 Garden Tour and Picnic.

This year the tour will feature 4  member gardens in the North Metro area.  Each garden is unique to it’s owner(s) and will inspire and delight visitors.  The tour will be from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm followed by a pot luck picnic at the last stop on the tour: the Cassidy garden.

Why go on the Garden Tour? 

Taking a Garden Tour is an everyday adventure that provides an opportunity to:

  1. Explore unfamiliar areas and neighborhoods

  2. Experience creative , interesting, and diverse fellow member gardens

  3. Learn about new plant varieties, and discover garden designs ideas

  4. Be inspired to try new things in your own garden: designs/plants/techniques

  5. Remind yourself that beauty and value can be found in unique places

  6. Spend an afternoon with like-minded people

  7. Pick up a copy of the State Fair Show book and a free ticket to the fair for volunteering

  8. Enjoy a great Pot Luck picnic – share your best summer food recipes and enjoy others – Main course (fried chicken ) will be provided

Tour Schedule:

1:00 pm  Linda Horsmann and Dave Beckman Garden – Mounds View

2:00 pm  Barry Ertl Garden – Dayton

3:00 pm John Enstrom Garden – Anoka

4:00 pm Lisa and Kyle Cassidy Garden and Picnic – Ham Lake

Please Note:

An email with addresses, directions, and a map will be sent to all members.

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