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2018 December General Meeting

Monday, December 10th

General Meetings are held at the Oak Grove Lutheran Church 7045 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis. Enter at the east entrance on Augsburg Ave. Join us for a potluck meal at 6:15 PM

Shredded Pork Carnitas with buns and condiments will be provided. Please, bring a salad, hot dish, or dessert to share. Don’t forget to bring your tableware. Non-members are welcome at this event.

Announcements include

  1. Review MDS methods of communication and answer questions about email.

  2. Awards committee needs experienced volunteers

  3. Ribbon committee needs volunteers to gather, sort, and order ribbons.

  4. Website committee needs volunteers to write post of event results in a more timely manner

  5. Memberships in MDS and ADS.

Educational Presentation: Karen Zierdt will present the Trial Garden results.

Please bring an inexpensive gift (can be a re-gift) to play “the Game”.    

At the conclusion of the game we will hold our business meeting.  During the business meeting we will be voting for the following board positions:

  1. President

  2. 1st Vice President

  3. Member at Large

NOTE:  ADS and MDS membership dues can be paid by check, cash, or credit card. See membership chair, Kathy Thomson.

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