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ADS Accredited Judges Course Outline 2019

If you are interested in taking the Judges Course, you should contact Karen at

Minnesota Dahlia Society Basic Dahlia Candidate Judging Course

Course includes nine (9) sessions

5-6 sessions on the judging manual 1 sessions on the Classification & Handbook of Dahlias 2 Judging workshops

1) show table cut bloom (bench) scoring 2) trial garden judging (seedling) scoring—whole plant

1 examination (50% of mark; 10% on quizzes)

Classes run 6:30 to 9/9:30 p.m.

Download the appropriate document. Karen has reviewed and updated them for 2019.

And get your own copy of the

Guide to Judging Dahlias


Ask Karen if she has one. If not Kathy Thomson can order some more.

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