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Art in Bloom @ MIA

Minneapolis Institute of Arts hosts this year’s Friends of the Institute’s celebration of spring with over 150 floral arrangements designed to interpret the diverse artworks in the museum’s collection. Art in Bloom is free and open to the public. Two of our members had entries in this event.

Sue Bagge had two displays: one for each of the large wood Chinese ‘Temple Guardians’.

Guardian 1. The size and strength of the image, with the dark muted wood influenced Sue. She teamed with her son Sean Bagge, to make a dark metal vase. She paired it with tall dark leaves to invoke the size paired with twisting branches and pink dahlias to show energy.

Guardian 2. To represent this imposing form she worked with her son Chad Bagge to create a dark ceramic vase.  She choose strong branches of green leaves and dark blue flowers for the strength; with trailing white orchids for the energy of the piece.

This is Sue’s 32 year entering entering this event. She received a grant from the Minnesota Dahlia Society.


Cindy Soule display with ‘The Girl Friends’

Tropical foliage and flowers, featuring iris used to interpret this sculpture of two women who were in the forefron of the GLTB rights movement.

Click on any image to view as slides.

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