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Digging and Storing Dahlia Tubers

At our October meeting, the presentation was on digging and storing tubers. We had a dozen new members present so there was great interest in the topic. So I recorded the majority of the presentation as a video to share with other dahlia growers. Enjoy.

Here are a few notes

After a hard frost, allow tubers to remain in the soil for 2 weeks before digging them up.

After digging up tubers, clean them off and cut off the “rat tail” roots, remove the “mother” tuber, remove any damaged tubers, thin-necked tubers, or tubers growing from another tuber.

When dividing tubers, be sure to remove part of the stalk with your tuber. This is where the eyes will be produced.

Disinfect your cutting tools between plants with a 10% bleach solution.

Allow tubers to cure in a dark, cool place such as your garage before storing them for the winter. The key is air circulation. You can set them in crates or slatted shelves. Do NOT place them on concrete!

There are many different storage methods and you have to find the one that works for you. Key components to storage are a dark, cool (not more than 50 deg. and not less than 36 deg.) location with air circulation. Constant temperature changes cause condensation which will cause rot.

Check on your tubers throughout the winter and remove any rotten or shriveled tubers.

If your in the Minneapolis are, come to a meeting.

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