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Judges Meeting after Tuber Bagging

Our next judges’ meeting will be held following our tuber bagging party at the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) bldg.  We will order-in lunch and then move into the judge business meeting and training session.  The 2 1/2 hour agenda will include:

  1. validation of last year’s judging records

  2. a report

  3. discussion from Carolina National Show

  4. bench judging reminders

  5. new open-centered score sheet/review of open-centered nomenclature

  6. Trial Garden virus update

  7. judging collarettes and anemones

Half of our judges are up for accreditation review this year.  Is This You?

All requirements and tests need to be completed by Nov 30, 2017.  Please use the upcoming season to rectify any deficiencies (shows/seedlings/training hours etc.) so you may advance/maintain your accreditation.  Since we are now only offering two meetings a year, it is very important to make every effort to attend at least one to comply with training requirements.  Where this is not possible please talk with me about other training opportunities.

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