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October General Meeting

Program:  How to Store Tubers: Techniques and Tips for Overwintering Dahlia Tubers.

Please plan on joining fellow members and guests for an autumn potluck dinner and our monthly educational program.

Traditionally the MDS October meeting program is dedicated to digging and storing dahlia tubers, and this year is not an exception.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend and participate in an informative and lively exchange as member growers share their experiences with successful (and sometimes not so successful) storage of dahlia tubers.

This may be a review for experienced members, but there may be some new ideas and new members need to hear about your experiences.

So join us October 9th, Monday night in the usual place, Oak Grove church on Lyndale (basement).

Monday, October 9 – General Meeting and Potluck Dinner 6:15 p.m. Presentation: Tuber Storage

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