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Position of Webmaster

There is nothing in the By-Laws about this position.

General Duties

Create a post to promote each event, months before the date.

Announce open positions October so that nominations can be made at the November meeting.

Invite other members to become involved as contributors, author, editor, or administrator.

Coordinate with Social Media Committee to cross-promote the club activities.

Maintain a full year calendar on a page for the current year.

It is not the webmasters job to write all the articles and announcements, those should be written by the people that hold the related board or committee positions. The webmaster can edit them before publishing or assign the Editor role to someone else that will take on that task. The webmaster can also create new templates for specific pages or categories. Mostly, the webmaster is responsible for the health of the site.

1930 – Present

2021 – Open

2020 – Eric Thomson

2019 – Eric Thomson

2018 – Eric Thomson

2017 – Eric Thomson

2016 – Eric Thomson

2015 – Eric Thomson

2014 – Eric Thomson

2013 – Dr. David Lee

2012 – Dr. David Lee

2011 – Dr. David Lee

2010 – Dr. David Lee

2009 – Dr. David Lee

2008 – Dr. David Lee

2007 – Calvin deRuyter

2006 – Calvin deRuyter

2005 – Calvin deRuyter

2004 – Calvin deRuyter

2003 – Calvin deRuyter

2002 – Calvin deRuyter

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