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Show Committee

Action Committees

Volunteer Positions

  1. Eric Thomson – Show chair for both State Fair and Bachman’s

  2. Kathy Thomson – Showbook editor, signage, and organization

  3. Carolyn Kohler – appoint and report on committee

  4. Scott Hegstrand – Procurement and Logistics

  5. Amy Simmonson – Setup / Take-down

  6. Arnie Sachs – Truck driver and more

  7. Kyle Cassidy – Supplies to setup

  8. ? – Judges Coordinator (books, assignments, key judgements)

  9. Cindy Soule – Judging sheets, COH signs, database

Planning sub-Committee – Propose and approve changes for showbooks etc. Do not need to be present to way in on decisions (must respond to emails).

  1. Eric Thomson

  2. Kathy Thomson

  3. Carolyn Kohler

  4. Cindy Soule

  5. John Soule

  6. Charles Spragg

  7. James Romer

  8. Gary Unger

I know there are a lot of people that help out and I could not list everyone. If you have a key role that requires coordination, please reach out to me. I am new to this and am not aware of all the coordination activities required. Also, let me know if you would like to be on the Planning sub-Committee.

Eric Thomson – Showchair

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