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Thank you volunteers

I would like to thank all the volunteers that come out to our trial garden at the Landsacape Arboretum, every Saturday (alternating teams) to spend an hour or two weeding and caring for the dahlias. Although this year was more complex because we had to register through the arb, they don’t get involved in how we run it. Amy setup Sign Up Genius where we sign up to work on a specific date.

  1. Team 1 Byron Jacobson, Andrea Parins, Rebecca Jacobson, Carolyn Farley

  2. Team 2 Amy Simonson, Carolyn Farley*, Eric and Kathy Thomson*

  3. Team 3 Karen Zierdt, Rick Snyder, Charlane Strand, Amy Simonson*, Caroly Farley*

  4. Team 4 John Kooiman, Eric Thomson, Kathryn Thomson, Joan Vann

*You can see that some people have volunteered to help other teams on dates when it appeared they would be short handed.

I would also like to thank other members that did not register for a team (but registered with the arboretum) and just showed up to help on a few Saturdays: Kyle Cassidy, John Cooke, and Donna Ronning.

A big thanks to Larry Bagge for all that he does to manage the overall effort. A few others were only able to make it for planting: Sue Bagge, Pixie Pixler, and Sandra Ward.

Let me know if I missed anyone because I would like to thank them too.

It is not too late to volunteer and actually the need is higher now than ever. This effort continues every Saturday through 9/29/2108. Detailed instructions were published at

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