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If you have registered as a volunteer with the Landscape Arboretum to work in  the Dahlia Society trail garden then you should be logging  your time spent working there.  This is important because the Arb feels that they have given us something of value (ability to volunteer and work in their environment) and want to see that we are taking advantage of it.

They have a couple computers setup for this, in the Snyder Building (main building) across the lobby behind the Information desk. Just ask one of the volunteers there which PC to use; sometimes they have me use the one just outside the Membership door and other times the one just inside the Membership door. As long as your wearing your volunteer badge they wont ask for any other ID. They should already be logged into the PC and have the application open so you don’t have to worry about that.

Membership room PC

Just sit down and type in your last name, where it asks for Name and ID. As your typing it will display possible matches, so you can stop typing and select your name with the mouse as soon as you see it.

Where it asks for Work Area, start typing “dahlia”, and it will show the match Dahlia Society. Select it.

The Date of Service should default to the current date. But you can select another date if you need to enter your hours for a previous date.

Hours is where you can enter the amount of time you spent on that date, working at the arb. For typical trial garden Saturday work, I usually enter 2 but if you arrived early or put in extra time then enter a larger value. I just round up to the nearest hour. You can ignore (do not check) the Multiple Entries unless you are entering hours for multiple dates (because you didn’t know about it until you read this article) in which case it will save you from having to find your name and the Dahlia Society for each entry. When done just hit the Enter key.

Congratulations your done.

PS: I don’t know why the screen in the Membership room is pink but it works fine.

Look up Name

Enter hours

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