Volunteers Needed at our North Central Trial Garden

Get hands-on experience growing dahlias!

The North Central Trial Garden is located at the Minnesota Landscape Abroretum in Chaska, MN. Before any tuber can be sold commercially, it must receive a passing score from a trial garden. There are only 7 trial gardens in the United States and we are very fortunate to have one in our backyard. It is a great place to learn from experts and get hands-on experience growing dahlias.

We do need people to volunteer this summer! There are 4 teams and each team member would volunteer four times during the growing season. See the chart below for dates. We typically work from 9am-11am on Saturday mornings. Would you please consider coming out and helping us at the arb?

Have a question or want to sign-up? Leave your information on our contact page.

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Link to Linda Taylor's Flickr Album that Hanu recommended in this presentation. She has many pictures of dahlias with virus. https://www.flickr.com/photos/141837887@N08