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Winter Dahlia Storage

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

You’ve dug up your tubers, wrapped them up, and placed them in a protective bin.

So what NOW? Where and how should these little gems be stored to help ensure survival?

Tubers need to be stored at a constant temperature between 38-45 degrees. The challenge is to keep the temperature consistent throughout the winter months. For dahlia growers here in Minnesota, an equal challenge is to regulate the humidity. If the humidity is too low, you risk your tubers shriveling. If the humidity is too high, you risk rot and/or mold.

We have come up with a solution to your storage problems! For a small fee, MN Dahlia Society members can store tubers at the Green Barn Garden Center located in Isanti. They have a climate-controlled root cellar under their greenhouse. The cellar keeps tubers at optimal temperature and humidity.

The Green Barn recommends putting your tubers in a plastic bin that is not sealed tight to allow air circulation. They also provide a bin with a hinged lid for purchase for $5. Make sure to keep the tubers from touching each other, either by wrapping each in Cling Wrap or using plastic bags (don't seal them), and then using some Vermiculite or wood shavings to separate each layer. Be sure to write MDS in large print on your tub or cooler, and your name below that.

MDS Members can purchase climate controlled tuber storage at the Green Barn Garden Center in the Members Only Shop!

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