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2019 State Fair Show Books

2019 Minnesota Dahlia Society State Fair Dahlia Show

Celebrating 90 Years of Dahlias in Minnesota!

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It’s almost time for our biggest show of the year!

Our annual show will be held during the last two days of the State Fair: Sunday, September 1st and Monday, September 2nd in the Ag-Hort Building’s Flower Rooms.

This year is a big year as we celebrate our 90th Anniversary of the Minnesota Dahlia Society.

The State Fair show books are available as a pdf that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Printed copies of the show books, parking passes, and show tags will be available at the garden tour picnic on August 11th. If you are not able to make it to the picnic, you can contact Eric Thomson to make arrangements to meet him at one of the pick-up locations for the bus on the day of the garden tour, or you can request these items to be mailed to your address.

All information and rules regarding the show can be found in the show book. All exhibitors are responsible for carefully reviewing the show book and understanding the rules. If you have any questions, please contact our MDS Show Chair, Eric Thomson at

All exhibitors must be members in good standing (membership dues must be paid) with the Minnesota Dahlia Society, the American Dahlia Society, or an ADS affiliated society (except for the Non-Member, AR1 -Artistic Arrangements Non-Members, and Dahlia of the Year sections).

Staging times are available between Saturday 10:00 PM to Sunday (Sept 1) 8:00 AM, before judging. You may use your parking pass (available on the Garden Tour) to enter just inside Gate 7, after 10:00 PM on Saturday without having to pay to enter the fair. You can stay all night or as long as you need to stage all your blooms. But the next morning you will need a ticket to enter the fair.

Artistic Arrangement Theme: 90 Years of Dahlias in Minnesota

  1. 1920 All that Jazz

  2. 1939 Wizard of Oz

  3. 1940 Allies Unite

  4. 1950 Rock and Roll

  5. 1966 Moon Landing

  6. 1970 Flower Power

  7. 1989 Fall of the Wall

  8. 1990 Computer Age

  9. 2000 Third Millenium

  10. 2010 Climate Change

  11. 2019 Year of the Dahlia

  12. Look to the Future

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