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2019 State Fair Show Volunteer Opportunities

Stuff that would be great but may not

get done without You

  1. Help unload the trailer – Arnie, Eric, Kathy, Byron, Becca, Amy. <done> 

  2. New Section Signs – Amy <done> 

  3. Court of Honor Plaques – Kathy Thomson <done> 

  4. New Photo category signs – Kathy Thomson <done>

  5. 90 Year Anniversary signs <done> 

  6. Artistic Arrangement signs – Kathy Thomson <done>

  7. New MDS signs for each room (14 x 22) – Eric Thomson <done>

  8. People Choice Box – Kathy Thomson <done> 

  9. Foam wedges – Becca Jacobson <done> 

  10. Signs for Bachman’s Show (Design and have printed at OfficeMax)

  11. New Classification signs – Eric Thomson <done>

  12. Clerk sheets – Kathy Thomson <done>

  13. Buy Oasis – Dahlia Del <done> 

Feel free to share your own ideas! Just contact Eric, to let me know what interests you or if you have some other ideas. My phone and email are in the directory.

90 Year Anniversary signs

We are celebrating 90 years of Dahlias in Minnesota (first MDS president was in 1929) so we want a poster for each decade since. The poster should include:

  1. a photo or graphic design as well as text.

  2. Something about the club or dahlias in that decade.

  3. Something about America or culture in that decade.

  4. Each decade topic include a specific reference (for the Artistic Arrangements)

  5. It can include some detail about the division (from the show book).

Here is the decade topic list and who it is assigned to. Which one (or more) do you want to design?

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